My name is Mateusz Polechonski.
I'm a multidisciplinary designer and digital artist.

I like to experiment with transcendental ideas and mix them up with art.
I'm deeply in love with geometry, mathematics, psychology, and alternative states of consciousness.
I'm mostly interested in 3D Stuff & Animation, branding, web design and illustrations.

Meanwhile, you can catch me on Twitter, Dribbble,Behance
or contact me.

As sunlight obscures the stars by day so too does wakefullness blind us to the fact that we are still dreaming.

Peter J. Carroll

we need more peacemakers who develop their nervous systems
to the point where they become lighthouses radiating peace

Dr. John Hagelin

There are no facts, only interpretations

Friedrich Nietzsche

The observer in not separate from the object observed


Here you will find
my selected works